Thursday, March 3, 2016


By the virgin no more CD (otherwise known as "Thommo")

Well another contest at Narromine done and dusted. Congratulations to our winners Peter Temple and Brian Rau from South Australia and runners up Alan Barnes and his Indonesian observer “Willie”

Organization ran smoothly apart from the late withdrawal of our CD (due Canberra mumbo jumbo) which meant the appointment a virgin CD. When faced with this prospect , I was told there was a CD guide on the GFA website so read it, but has anyone tried to find anything successfully on that site? So soldier on knowing you are backed up by an experienced team that has just run Junior Worlds Comp.

I must admit although having not only CD role but weighing and alternate days towing I felt a little like the above picture…lonely. But fear not a great bunch of participants and a great team made it a most enjoyable event. That’s what we aimed for and that’s what we got, with interesting flying on some days, great speeds on some days, and  enjoyable food and beverages after the flying day was completed. What more could you want?

One thing that set this contest apart from other championships was the mix of experience among the participants and that some had come to be coached through their first contest and others to gain experience and understanding of what competitions are all about. 
I hope this trend continues in respect of  the 2 seaters and that on return to their respective clubs the participants promote this aspect and we see this event grow in numbers. Certainly the task setters took the wide range of experience into account when setting the days tasks although another consideration was that this was a final selection contest for the 2 seater worlds.

Highlights of the contest to me
Day 1 Why did we send them there?
Days in between the weather is getting better but where is the Cu?
Day 6 148 kph to the winners and AB’s fastest 500k
Final Day Everyone home safely and I did not stuff anything up too much..

So once again thanks to the participants and lastly but not least many thanks to Team Narromine workers and helpers. Without you it would not happen.