Monday, February 20, 2012


The 50th MultiClass National Championships are over. The competition held at Tocumwal was blessed with some outstanding flying days and ended up as a great competition.

Well deserved congratulations to the dedicated crew from the Narromine competition committee who all worked extremely hard and gave their time and effort to produce an outstanding Nationals. Chris Stephens proved to us all that he is indeed an excellent Competition Director

Congratulations also the winners:
Standard Class:
1st - Peter Temple,                              2nd - Peter Trotter,                                 3rd - Mak Ichikawa

15M Class:
1st - Terry Cubley,                          2nd - Craig Collings,       3rd - Matthew Scutter

18M/Open Class:
1st - Bruce Taylor,                                       2nd - Tom Claffey,                            3rd - Lars Zehnder