Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hi Ross,
I Remember it well it was late 1962 as my brother and I were there crewing for Bill Selge who was flying a BG12, as 19 year olds and just as well he had some young bucks to help as the glider was "B"heavy and he landed out a lot. Even so we had a great time and will remember it for ever.

I had my first flight in a Kookaburra. met George Detto, Peter Simpson Col Vassarotti and "Jet "Jackson who were flying the SC Grunau Baby  against Ka6's etc.
Because of those comps I was hooked on the sporting side of gliding until this day.

Rob Moore


Hello everyone
Don’t forget Narromine Cup week is coming up in the last week of November. Come up and fly with all your friends, try for a personal best, be it Silver C, Gold C, 500K, 750k or maybe that elusive 1000k you are after.  We are always looking for willing helpers to take some of the load off Beryl, Arnie, Chris, Kenny Mc and David. So don’t be bashful about offering to help.
If you are thinking about attending please let Beryl know at 

The 50th MultiClass Nationals are coming to Narromine in January 2012. Work has already commenced in earnest and the Contest Director is our own Chris Stephens who does such an outstanding job running Narromine Cup week.  Chris is also looking for willing helpers.  This is quite an historic event for Narromine Gliding Club as the very first Nationals were held at Narromine 50 years ago and we would all like it to be a great event.  The competition website is well established and can be accessed from the “MultiClass Nationals” button on any page of the NGC website or you can go there directly via the following link:

If you intend to enter but have not yet done so, please go the site and click on the “ENTRY FORM” button, download the entry form and send the completed form back to Beryl with your entry fee. Banking details are on the form.