Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Gliding

Hi All,
Consider this, use Easter this year to go gliding with us at the Narromine Gliding Club
This is an invitation to consider doing some serious and recreational gliding in this extended Easter Breaks (five day with Anzac day I do believe).
Take up this chance to have a few days of gliding with a lot of camaraderie in the Narromine tradition of soaring.
There are no scheduled events on the airfield and NatFly, which for many years gliding activity deferred too, is not being held at Narromine this year. So a wonderful opportunity exists to do unencumbered gliding, reclaiming the airfield and delight yourself with the flyable autumn skies for up to five days if your crib in Anzac Day.
So make your plans, book a glider or bring your own, come fly the skies while the locals keep the beer cold and the BBQ hot.
Nothing official has been organised, so organise yourself to glide and make use of this Easter Break.
See you here and be sure to let us know of your intentions.

Secretary, Narromine Gliding Club

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