Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Minor Composite Repair Course

Our club was host to the New South Wales Gliding maintenance course for Minor Glass repair on gliders in the week 12th to 19th June. The Regional Technical Officer Airworthines Arnie Hartley organised the course and Mark Rowe undertook the role as trainer.
The week was well attended with students accommodated at the on site airport tourist park with meals in our club house. The Airborne Avionics workshop and the club workshop were both set up for a number of minor repair tasks.
This was the first time the club has hosted any airworthiness school however the feed back from those who attended was very positive, so I am sure it will not be the last one. Some of our own members have now expressed interest in the next course so consideration will now be given to another suitable time.
Our Discus GFV was the fortunate aircraft to be used as a part of the course and is now well on the way to a fresh start for our members.
Special thanks to Arnie and Mark who made their time available and I can now boast to being a somewhat expert biscuit and low GI cake baker.So much food that the guys on the coarse said they will need to modify their aircraft to fit now.
The coarse attendees were a skilled and friendly group and a great social time was had by all.
Credit and thanks must be given to the course attendees who put in long days and hard work to make our glider better in structure and finish.

Cruising to Cobar again

Our usual winter slow time is a distant memory. This year the activity has been so hectic we have been too busy to update the blog. The planned travel to Cobar for the second weekend of training was cancelled due to weather however our Cobar members were very active and the club travelled there for three days on the 4/5/6th June. Arnie Hartley in TDN with Mark Rowe in GOC flew out for training on Friday 4th. David Miller in KJH and Ken McAnally in GKC left early on Saturday morning. Ken was prepared with Ugg books, snow mittens and woollen beanie. Poor David Miller found the Pawnee was not as well equipt as his own excellent fleet of aircraft and could find no heater on board. I am sure there will be one fitted next time the Pawnee goes through the workshop. He arrived with frozen fingers and toes.

Hot coffee, steak sandwiches and a warm welcome were in place however and the training started as soon as the crews had thawed out. Four instuctors and two tug pilots flew until dark on both Friday and Saturday and finished in time to return to Narromine in the short daylight on Sunday.

David Burrell and Fiona drove out to Cobar and Beryl Hartley took along the supplies to provide food for all the workers and visitors. The profits to go to the local Angel Flight group.

A great fun weekend with five students and a number of air experience flights. The weather was cold but mostly clear and all aircraft were busy. A fantastic effort from our Cobar people with special thanks to Rhonda and Ian Cooper and Angela Webb. We hope to see them at Narromine within the next weeks to continue their training.

When the weather warms up and the days are longer we are planning another visit to Cobar. In the meantime we welcome our new Cobar members.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well, here's a different view of yours:


One of our "favourite sons"

A nice little low Tornado

Fat Albert showing just how low a Herc can go

And......The Winner IS...

Bookings Page

Ross mentioned booking page working quite well at last meeting. I had a look and could not see any bookings. Am I missing something??

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Slack Postings

Well I have been away for 6 weeks overseas and not a single word of news on the blog so I assume it rained every weekend and no flying was done. This being the case I thought I would add something for all the Walter Mitties of the club as a number of them expouse the virtues of low level finishes etc etc (bullshit, bullshit) and as it appears nothing happened in the 6 weeks there must have been alot of flying done in the bar.