Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cobar Barnstorming Weekend

The Cobar weekend was a huge success. A very early morning start for the tow pilots, David Miller, and Arnie Hartley, Instructors David Burrell and Mark Rowe and ground crew, Lionel Simpson and Beryl Hartley.  We arrived in Cobar to a very kind welcome from a large group of locals.

Ian Cooper along with wife Rhonda had put in place a program for an excellent weekend. Four new students Paul, Poi, Ron and Angela booked for five training flights each along with many residents for first time air experience flights.

The terminal building with green lawn and shady trees provided a perfect setting for the bar-b-que organised by Rhonda with proceeds going to the local Angel flight group. Many of the town residents took the opportunity to enjoy a sausage sandwich and a cool drink while watching and participating in the gliding activity over the two days.

The weather was a perfect 29 degrees, Cu to 8’000 ft and 8/10 kt thermals. David Burrell and Barry Fransisco achieved the best flight with a 10 kt climb straight to 8,000’. Barry a long time power pilot was thrilled with his flight in the Duo Discus. Ian and Lionel were hard working ground crew driving the students back and forth to the launch area and running the flight line.

This was the first time the club has undertaken a barnstorming weekend away and I am sure it will not be the last. Many thanks to Rhonda and Ian Cooper for organising the weekend, Patty Fransisco for her help with the B-B-Que and to the club workers who put in the time for this great club activity.  We look forward to seeing our new students at Narromine in the next few weeks.

Photo:  Ian Cooper and Mark Rowe

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It has always been a mystery to me the multitude of signs at Narromine Airfield. No it is not a RPT airport but it appears oppressive and overbearing the signage that takes up most space on the fences. Recently I visited Maitland airfield and was surprised to see only one sign on the gate (which was open) being the normal Commonwealth tresspass sign, nothing else. I also picked up some passangers at Newcastle Airport and once again very sparce Commonwealth signage.

So whats the go at Narromine, it reminds one of entering a Gulag or maybe someone has shares in the signage company. In any event they do not adhere to their own signs as evidenced by the attached photo.

Whats your view or opinion?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Red Bull Glider Stunt Team

Check out the new video clip just posted to the Club Website Video Gallery.

"Austrian Paul Steiner and his glider team Blanix have created flying history. At a height of more than 2000 metres, they performed a breathtaking stunt."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sarah Thompson's Photo Gallery

Jenny and Sarah Thompson took the opportunity to do some Mother-Daughter bonding in the Narromine Gliding Club Duo Discus KC recently.

See Sarah's Photo Gallery on the club website at:

Easter Gliding

It is many years since the Narromine club has had the pleasure of pushing out the gliders at Easter time. While Natfly has moved on to Temora the weather came to Narromine over Easter with perfect autumn soaring conditions.
Saturday was a perfect club day with our new tuggie David Miller racking up 14 launches. David Burrell and Arnie Hartley found lift to 6.500ft in well defined thermals and all the visitors from the Dubbo Aero club and the Miller extended family enjoyed an afternoon of fun flying.

David Burrell and Adam Miller found the resident eagle was happy to go soaring with them and a number of power pilots enjoyed a quieter flying experience.

The social club provided an evening meal on both Saturday and Sunday night and both nights were very well attended.

Plans are underway now for the Cobar barnstorming weekend of the 17th/18th April and any member who is keen to join the expedition should book with Beryl Hartley

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Club Roster for April, May, June 2010

The latest roster for April, May, and June 2010 has been posted to the Members Page on the club website.