Friday, March 26, 2010

Cobar Weekend Away

The dates for the Cobar weekend will be changed to the 2nd weekend after Easter. The 17th and 18th of April. The club will be sending the Duo Discus, the Twin Astir and the Pawnee. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our new member, Ian Cooper,  we are all looking forward to a fun weekend away for our members and we will be bringing our sport to interested people in Cobar.
Narromine is host to the Australian pilots who will participate in the International Championships in Europe in the coming summer in company with some of the invited pilots from the junior group and womens pilots.
A damp start with rain on Sunday over all of eastern Australia has resulted in weather more suitable to European conditions than typical Narromine summer time flying. Tasks were set on Monday, Tuesday and today. Tasks of up to 250 klms in conditions of up to 5 kts to 5000'.
The chief organiser Mandy Temple with assistance from Helen Woods, Ralph Henderson and weather supremo Jenny Thompson is working with crews, team managers and pilots to form a working team of Australian competitors.
Paul Mander and Tom Claffey as the Open Class team, Graham Parker and David Jansen for 18m, Peter Temple and Mike Durrant as Standard Class team and Mike Codling with Alan Barnes for the Club Class. Talented young pilot Nathan Johnson is representing the juniors. 

Pilots are checking their equipment and playing the game each day with testing tasks set by Mandy.
Bruce Taylor has arrived tonight and will be a welcome participant for the rest of the week
The social setting of Narromine Gliding Club is an excellent facility for this type of training event.
Good flights today for Graham and Nathan. Outlandings for Peter and Jenny.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Recently Ian Cooper from Cobar signed up for a 5 flight package. Having had this experience he has now signed up as a Club member. Welcome Ian. As a result a Ian has a group of 5 people who would also like to participate in the 5 flight package.

The club has decided to travel to Cobar with the tug and twins and have a weekend at Cobar on the 10 and 11th April to introduce gliding back to Cobar and to sample some outback fun and entertainment. It promises to be an enjoyable weekend so if you can stick your hand up and show that gliding is our passion and enjoyable sport. Be part of something different.

Please advise David or Beryl of your availability to participate.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A beautiful autumn day for the last day of the squad week. Cumulus 7000' to 8000', 7/8 knots and a light north east wind for the 300 klm plus task. Narromine, Tichbourne, Tullamore, Nyngan, Narromine.

The pilots were able to enjoy the sky above 5000' today after being restricted to that height yesterday with an imaginary airspace restriction over the whole task area. Very fustrating when the best lift of the day was 5000' to 8000'.

The team building was in full swing with captains and crews managing start times, start gates, radio procedures and all the task associated with effective management of a competition team.

Our club provided tows courtesy of Arnie Hartley and Paul Thompson, Meals courtesy of Beryl Hartley and Jens Hertfurt and a welcome and friendly atmosphere courtesy of all the club members who turned up at some time during the week to meet the visitors and help out in the clubhouse.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Autralian Team Week

After torrential rain on the weekend Monday cleared and all participants flew. Conditions were described as European and challenging. Amost as challenging as the morning and night sessions and debriefs with topics as follows, getting to know your partner, making assumptions for your partner, stress/success (I am not sure what order) but I think you get the picture.

Results are apparently on Soaring Spot but thats not really the point with this gathering. Its good to see the relaxed side of soaring together with pilots helping one another. Special mention to our Junior pilot Nathan Johnson who seems to be beating most other pilots.

To-day was cancelled due to a strong inversion, although 30 klms to south it looked good but this was blocked. Anyway pilots exercising ready for Paella night at the club.