Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Today "Australia Day"

Once again we have Tomas Suchanek and Mac Ichikawa with early lauches for another planned huge task.

Blue slow start again with a promise of cu to the north west. Members in the clubhouse checking number 5 spot as they
slowly move past Trangie and on to Nyngan. The first two hours average about 60kph but this counts at the end of the day.

The pace picks up and the cu starts to form in the north west of the airport. Hans Rasche in the Duo, Trevor Brackley from Hunter Valley and Ursula Husy from Kingaroy launch and head for the cu.

Tomas and Mac pass Bourke, Fords Bridge and head for Wannaring. They turn and the club watchers start to calculate the day time left and check out the line of cu on the trough from Mudgee to Qld/SA border.

Arnie Hartley and David Miller push the Twin Astir out and head fo the Cu. They land at 5.45.

Time to sit out the next 2 1/2 hours for the return of Tomas, Mac and Hans.

Just another day for Tomas and Mac. Tomorrow looks to be a promising one for a big 1200 klm out and return with the suggestion of an earlier start.

Between them Tomas and Mac have now flown 6 times over 1000klms this season. 2 flights of more than 1100klms and 2 flights of more than 1200klms.

Our visiting tug pilot Daniel has caught the gliding bug and has completed his silver C in the Twin Astir. He is going home this week and he has now converted to the LS4. Daniel is hoping for another great day tomorrow and is now hunting for a glider to complete his gold badge before he heads off to the Czech Republic.

Chris Stephens finally got G2 into the sky for this season. Hopefully we will see him again soon before all the good weather leaves us. Ken McAnally took FV for a few hours yesterday.

Both Lionel Simpson and David Miller have completed their taildragger endorsements with Stewart Hignett so we may have two more tug pilots in the near future.