Friday, October 2, 2009

New full week training course

On the first week of November 2009 the NGC are holding a full week training course for the first time in many years.
By prior arrangement this will hopefully be capable on an ongoing basis.

Promotion Discussion Paper


A sizeable challenge awaits our active membership to embrace a challenge that I have set for the club to accomplish over the next 2 years. In determining this challenge I have closely looked at past glider utilization and our members pattern of club glider hire. Last year, for example, only KC was used by a club member for part of Narromine Cup, the other gliders were not hired by club members.

I believe that for too long now the cost of maintaining and insuring our fleet has been subsidized by the work of the social club and a dependence on the Commercial operations cross hire of our fleet aircraft.


At the time of writing this the booking situation for our fleet for the season is as follows:

OC No bookings
FV 46 days bookings
KC 11 days bookings
QO 21 days bookings

We now have a modern high performance fleet that would be the envy of most clubs..They are there for the enjoyment of club members and for the development of their flying skills. We are fortunate to have one of the best soaring sites in Australia and we have in our membership skilled competition and X-country flyers and coaches but this is not enough.

We need to communicate more with our members and to offer encouragement and organized events to encourage our members to fly more often. We also need to attract new members to the club. How could we attempt to do this?

We need to be prepared to offer training courses not only a week course but also long weekends (ie 3 days) and also 2 day courses with a guaranteed number of flights. Courses would be run subject to numbers for week course but for others this may not be necessary Measure of success NEW MEMBERS
We need to let prospective members know we exist and get them to sample gliding by a TIF. This may mean that we target 3 town and do a weekend camp with necessary publicity. Measure of success NEW MEMBERS + UTALIZATION OF CLUB 2 SEATERS
We need to promote ourselves to the various aero clubs as a worthwhile destination that not only offers a gliding flight but such things as the Museum and the Wright Flyer. Measure of success UTALIZATION OF CLUB 2 SEATERS
Consideration of attending such things as Wave Camps and Regattas/Competitions. What is wrong with a team Narromine where less experienced pilots can be introduced to Competitions with experienced pilots.This has the benefit of not requiring each pilot to attend a full competition…much the same as we did at Gulgong some years ago. Measure of success ATTENDANCE AND UTALIZATION OF CLUB FLEET
Introduction of X Country weekends to introduce pilots to X country flying and this could be coupled with a new award and benefit for the pilot that has best OCL score over 4 months for his flights. Maybe not only a trophy but say two free flying days (excluding aerotow?) Measure of success ATTENDANCE AND UTALIZATION OF CLUB FLEET .

These are some of the ideas that have come forward from my discussions with existing club members.

HOWEVER I realize that this will require a dedication of time and effort, so who is prepared to put this effort in to give it a try. You never know it may turn out to be enjoyable if you attempt.