Thursday, March 3, 2016


By the virgin no more CD (otherwise known as "Thommo")

Well another contest at Narromine done and dusted. Congratulations to our winners Peter Temple and Brian Rau from South Australia and runners up Alan Barnes and his Indonesian observer “Willie”

Organization ran smoothly apart from the late withdrawal of our CD (due Canberra mumbo jumbo) which meant the appointment a virgin CD. When faced with this prospect , I was told there was a CD guide on the GFA website so read it, but has anyone tried to find anything successfully on that site? So soldier on knowing you are backed up by an experienced team that has just run Junior Worlds Comp.

I must admit although having not only CD role but weighing and alternate days towing I felt a little like the above picture…lonely. But fear not a great bunch of participants and a great team made it a most enjoyable event. That’s what we aimed for and that’s what we got, with interesting flying on some days, great speeds on some days, and  enjoyable food and beverages after the flying day was completed. What more could you want?

One thing that set this contest apart from other championships was the mix of experience among the participants and that some had come to be coached through their first contest and others to gain experience and understanding of what competitions are all about. 
I hope this trend continues in respect of  the 2 seaters and that on return to their respective clubs the participants promote this aspect and we see this event grow in numbers. Certainly the task setters took the wide range of experience into account when setting the days tasks although another consideration was that this was a final selection contest for the 2 seater worlds.

Highlights of the contest to me
Day 1 Why did we send them there?
Days in between the weather is getting better but where is the Cu?
Day 6 148 kph to the winners and AB’s fastest 500k
Final Day Everyone home safely and I did not stuff anything up too much..

So once again thanks to the participants and lastly but not least many thanks to Team Narromine workers and helpers. Without you it would not happen.


Friday, January 2, 2015


The weather was outstanding in the true traditions of Narromine and the pilots were up to the challenge. Only one day was lost and that gave all an appreciated chance to recover from the high temperatures and altitudes on the previous days. 

This year was the 15th Cup Week and one of our best. But before we talk about this year lets recap what Cup Week at Narromine is all about.

Cup Week is based upon the famous Barron Hilton Cup in Nevada, USA. The aim is to provide an event at which pilots may achieve their personal best or get that goal in a safe and enjoyable environment. 
The range of those attending is from pre Silver C to world championship standard. All are equally welcome. Pilot performance is often eroded by the sheer effort of preparation and sustainment for periods of more than a few days away from their home airfield. Often a good day or the best part of a day is missed due to a lack of readily available support. 

During Cup Week the Narromine Gliding Club provides the support needed including a morning briefing, flight line operation and launch, SAR watch and three meals a day. All a pilot needs to do is arrive with a glider or hire one from us and fly. Even a visiting pilot guide and local map is provided.

Most days start with a presentation on soaring. This year we were again fortunate to have G. Dale who gave an hour of time before each briefing to discuss in his personal illustrative and easily understood style how to get the best out of ourselves, thermals and cross country soaring. G then flew tasks with pilots in a club Duo Discus for a most reasonable cost.

 G Dale gave a XC Soaring theory presentation each morning

This year 41 pilots, not counting juniors who arrived early for the following pre Junior World Championships, in 32 gliders comprised Cup Week. Let me share with you a summary of each day:
       Day 1 Sunday, 23 November. Climbs to 14,000 ft. Temperature at 1400 over 44 degrees in the Pie Cart, so hot our European ground crew headed to the club house as a heat precaution. One pilot told of 16 knots for 8,000 ft. 10 knot plus thermals were common. Terry Belair from Bendigo flew 797 in his DG400/17. Derek Ruddock and Ian Steventon in the SCGC DG1000 completed 596 k with many flights over 400 k. 

       Day 2 Monday, 24 November. A weather induced and well appreciated rest day. No one in Eastern Australia flew much this day.
       Day 3 Tuesday, 25 November. Soaring in WA and Waikerie promised improving conditions at Narromine. Tom van Blaricum from VMFG in his Ventus b/15 completed a creditable 206 k task with Terry Belair launching early to fight his way around 327 k. Many other pilots flew and reported mixed results.
       Day 4 Wednesday, 26 November. Wind SE to SW. The best soaring conditions were still South of Narromine but many 300 k plus flights were completed. A glance at the BOM four day forecast promised big things to come and we were not disappointed.
       Day 5 Thursday, 27 November. Wind ESE. Instability and a convergence line developed North and South of Narromine. The big weather had arrived and remained for the next three days. Geritt Kurstjens (I mentioned world championship standard pilots) in his Quintus M flew a respectable 1035 k, Arie van Spronssen turned in 803 k flying a DG200/17, Hans-Georg Raschke in a club Discus b flew 659 k to mention just a few flights. 500 k plus was the norm this day.

 Convergence Line over Narromine 

        Day 6 Friday, 28 November. It got better. Wind now from the NE. 300 k, 500 k and 600 k flights were completed by club pilots in good but not ‘super-ship’ gliders. Phil Eldridge from RAAF Richmond in his ASW20 did 392 k, Mark Bairnfield from SCGC in a SZD55 flew 514 k and William Stalenburg with Evelien Nijland completed 635 k in a club Duo Discus

       Day 7 Saturday, 29 November the last day. The outstanding cross country conditions continued. Wind was now a hot Northerly with 32 degrees forecast. It was hotter on the ground. Many pilots found strong lift with the threat of thunderstorms they took the safe decision to return to Narromine early and fly another day. A few connected with the trough line running East of Narromine and raced along it for hundreds of kilometres. Hans-Georg Raschke once again in the club Discus b flew 569 k to ‘win’ the day. The good weather had now departed but not before the last 2014 Cup Day.

We mentioned a ‘day win’. The whole purpose of Cup Week is to support pilots achieving their personal best and goals. However, there is a fun competition. A secret committee, secret so they are protected from graft and corruption, score each pilot each day. This is not the OLC score. Points are awarded and fines applied. 

This year, for the fourth time, Terry Belair won the Narromine Cup. His success story; launch first and come back last. Use the whole day.

 Terry Belair picks up his Fourth Narromine Cup win!

Arnie Hartley won the Rooster Award, awarded for the pilot, tug pilot in this case, who either goes from hero to zero or zero to hero in the most spectacular fashion. Yesterday I was cock of the walk now I’m a feather duster. Best you ask Arnie his story when next in Narromine. 

Speaking of Narromine and Cup Week, next year we won’t run one. 

The reason is Narromine will be hosting the Junior World Championships in November 2015 and there just isn’t room in the calendar. So set those new goals and we look forward to seeing you in the last full week of November 2016.
Finally we would like to thank NSWGA for their generous and continued financial support of Narromine Cup Week. Costs are kept to a minimum with no entry fee and a once only administration fee of $40 which goes to provide accommodation and some food for the workers and tuggies. NSWGA has been (and we hope will continue to be) most generous.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Melbourne, Australia - March 11th, 2012 - The Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) today announced that the bid for the 8th Junior’s World Gliding Championships has been awarded to Australia for 2015. The competition will be held in Narromine, NSW.

This is the first time the event has been held outside of Europe.  It will attract the cream of young glider pilots from across the world. Juniors are 25 years or younger as defined by the International Gliding Committee (IGC) who awarded the contest to Australia last week.

The competition will be held 1st-12th December 2015 and there will be a lead up practice event, at Narromine, in December 2014. The GFA expects the site will cater for in excess of 80 gliders and an influx of 300 people consisting of pilots, crew and organisers to the township of Narromine for the two week period.

Monday, February 20, 2012


The 50th MultiClass National Championships are over. The competition held at Tocumwal was blessed with some outstanding flying days and ended up as a great competition.

Well deserved congratulations to the dedicated crew from the Narromine competition committee who all worked extremely hard and gave their time and effort to produce an outstanding Nationals. Chris Stephens proved to us all that he is indeed an excellent Competition Director

Congratulations also the winners:
Standard Class:
1st - Peter Temple,                              2nd - Peter Trotter,                                 3rd - Mak Ichikawa

15M Class:
1st - Terry Cubley,                          2nd - Craig Collings,       3rd - Matthew Scutter

18M/Open Class:
1st - Bruce Taylor,                                       2nd - Tom Claffey,                            3rd - Lars Zehnder

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hi Ross,
I Remember it well it was late 1962 as my brother and I were there crewing for Bill Selge who was flying a BG12, as 19 year olds and just as well he had some young bucks to help as the glider was "B"heavy and he landed out a lot. Even so we had a great time and will remember it for ever.

I had my first flight in a Kookaburra. met George Detto, Peter Simpson Col Vassarotti and "Jet "Jackson who were flying the SC Grunau Baby  against Ka6's etc.
Because of those comps I was hooked on the sporting side of gliding until this day.

Rob Moore


Hello everyone
Don’t forget Narromine Cup week is coming up in the last week of November. Come up and fly with all your friends, try for a personal best, be it Silver C, Gold C, 500K, 750k or maybe that elusive 1000k you are after.  We are always looking for willing helpers to take some of the load off Beryl, Arnie, Chris, Kenny Mc and David. So don’t be bashful about offering to help.
If you are thinking about attending please let Beryl know at 

The 50th MultiClass Nationals are coming to Narromine in January 2012. Work has already commenced in earnest and the Contest Director is our own Chris Stephens who does such an outstanding job running Narromine Cup week.  Chris is also looking for willing helpers.  This is quite an historic event for Narromine Gliding Club as the very first Nationals were held at Narromine 50 years ago and we would all like it to be a great event.  The competition website is well established and can be accessed from the “MultiClass Nationals” button on any page of the NGC website or you can go there directly via the following link:

If you intend to enter but have not yet done so, please go the site and click on the “ENTRY FORM” button, download the entry form and send the completed form back to Beryl with your entry fee. Banking details are on the form.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Gliding

Hi All,
Consider this, use Easter this year to go gliding with us at the Narromine Gliding Club
This is an invitation to consider doing some serious and recreational gliding in this extended Easter Breaks (five day with Anzac day I do believe).
Take up this chance to have a few days of gliding with a lot of camaraderie in the Narromine tradition of soaring.
There are no scheduled events on the airfield and NatFly, which for many years gliding activity deferred too, is not being held at Narromine this year. So a wonderful opportunity exists to do unencumbered gliding, reclaiming the airfield and delight yourself with the flyable autumn skies for up to five days if your crib in Anzac Day.
So make your plans, book a glider or bring your own, come fly the skies while the locals keep the beer cold and the BBQ hot.
Nothing official has been organised, so organise yourself to glide and make use of this Easter Break.
See you here and be sure to let us know of your intentions.

Secretary, Narromine Gliding Club

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Committee Meeting

Hi Guys, our next committee meeting is scheduled for March 5 at 7pm.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What You Missed This Weekend

Narromine turned on some interesting weather today with lots of wave arround late in the afternoon. Ian Cooper enjoyed some refresher flights in OC and as usual we are now enjoying some refreshments as apprentice Matt Thompson burns the sausages....where are you Arnie when your needed!!!!!

Next week looks like returning to normal late summer conditions so get your leave passes early and see you at NRM next weekend

cheers Thommo

Friday, February 4, 2011


After a week of very hot and blue weather we finally have some fabulous cumulus days. The terrible cyclones in the north are pushing some moisture into our area and although still close to 40 degrees each day we have plenty of Cu as the system moves from Western Qld through far Western NSW and into Victoria. The last two days were a bit too much with some overdevelopment later in the day although we did have some good cross country flights. Today was Cu at 11.00am and still going strong at 7.00pm. Cloud base between 8,000’ and 9,000ft. Welcome to the Japanese group of 6 pilots for the next weeks. A busy time for Tuggies Ben and Arnie and Instructor Goe Teramoto.

Goe Teramoto (left)